Notes from the Text-Worlds Reading Group – 13th February 2019

This week, the Text-Worlds Reading Group read Chapter 7 of the earliest known version of Paul Werth's manuscript for Text Worlds: Representing Conceptual Space in Discourse. The blog on our discussions has been written by Alison Gibbons of Sheffield Hallam University. Text World Architecture: Building and Advancing Beyond Limits Chapter 7 in both Paul Werth’s... Continue Reading →

Notes from the Text-Worlds Reading Group – 21st November 2018

In this meeting of the Text-Worlds Reading Group we tackled Chapter 5 on Common Ground (CG). The blog below was written by Sam Browse, from Sheffield Hallam University. Do we need any common ground or can we get along without it? With the exception of some additional diagrams, the 1992 version of Chapter 5 of... Continue Reading →

A new website for Text World Theory

The Text World Theory website is undergoing refurbishment! Alongside a fresh design, new pages will be added over the coming few weeks, containing more information and resources on Text World Theory and on the Text World Theory Special Collection at the University of Sheffield. We're introducing news blogs too (like this one!), to help get... Continue Reading →

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