Further updates to the Text World Theory website

Great news! Two new sections have now been added to the Text World Theory website.

The first of these is a page dedicated to the Text World Theory Special Collection here at the University of Sheffield. The page gives a brief history of the archive and also includes a new, comprehensive index of all the items contained in the collection. I’m hugely grateful to Aleksandra Vulić for this. Aleksandra is a student at University College Roosevelt in the Netherlands, who visited me on a student research placement in the early summer. She worked incredibly hard on the collection during her visit and compiled the index, which is fully searchable and includes keywords and abstracts for every item in the archive.

The second new section of the site is specially for teachers of English at Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 in the UK. It provides links and information about the increasing use of the text-world approach to discourse analysis as a pedagogical tool in secondary schools. There are links to the work of the leading researchers in this area – Ian Cushing, Marcello Giovanelli, and Jessica Mason – as well as some downloadable introductory resources, and an enquiry form to complete for anyone interested in attending one of our text-worlds workshops for teachers.

Enjoy the newly updated site!




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